This gallery, as the name implies, is devoted to cats. Felines of all shapes, sizes and types from all sorts animations will be found here.
I've been collecting these kitties since around 2001 as part of my shared cel collection, Acetate Addiction and my collection of cats has grown to the point where I felt it deserved it's own gallery, though be warned there will be some overlap between the galleries. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as do.


News & Updates

7/16/2022Realized that it has been several year since we'd updated this gallery so we're doing it now. Some of these cels are also in our main collection but quite a few are not. Enjoy the kitties.
2/7/2018Missed a few kitties in my last update I rectified that today so 1 new cel in model cats and 2 in tv cats.
2/3/2018I haven't updated this gallery in quite awhile but I haven't stopped collecting cats by any stretch.
7/30/2016New cats in various spots, and 2 new sections, Chikun Takkun which inculdes an animated sequence and Other Cat Art for some of my non-cel cat art collection.

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Title Last Updated
Cabbits 7/16/2022
Cat Girls And Boys 7/16/2022
Cat-Faced People 7/22/2009
Chikkun Takkun Cats 7/30/2016
Commercial Cats 2/3/2018
Film Cats 7/16/2022
Kiko's Cats 6/18/2010
Model Cats 2/7/2018
Moon Cats 7/16/2022
Mysterious Cats 5/28/2014
Other Cat art 7/30/2016
Random Cats 7/26/2016
Sketchy Cats 7/16/2022
Television Cats 7/16/2022
Troubles the Cat 3/27/2011

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