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Acetate Addiction - The home gallery for all of our other cels that aren't just cats, though there are naturally a few in there too.
Our Geek Blog - Anime, manga, figure and video game reviews and lots of other geekery. Please check it out.

Cat Collectors - Other cat collector's galleries.

Graymouser's Gallery - Graymouser has a fabulous collection. Her galley features a lovely little section devoted to cats which is now home to one of my former cels.
Moko-Moko.net - Bulleta's gallery. Full of cats and other great stuff. Special thanks to her for being gracious enough to share some of her beauties with me :)


Curator: ravenmichiru
Gallery Created: 4/7/2009
Hits: 6505

Presentation 9.01/10   Collection 8.61/10   Overall 8.81/10   Votes 11 votes
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